Posted on November 28, 2015 at 10:07 pm

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#BiggBoss9: Rimi Sen evicted after not walking out on her own last night!

Actress Rimi Sen has been causing quite the commotion since her entry into the Bigg Boss house but this has got to be the heights of drama! The Bengali beauty who repeatedly asked to be sent home shockingly refused to leave the house when Bigg Boss finally opened the doors for her.

bb9 Rimi Sen

In last night’s episode, Bigg Boss hinted at Rimi to leave the house when in the first time in history, a voluntary walk out was granted to the housemates. However when time came, Rimi backed off!

It could be that Rimi was not able to gather enough courage but worry not, it seems the audiences have given her the final push. Rimi has been evicted from the house this week! Her exit will take place tomorrow night.