Posted on October 23, 2015 at 4:46 pm

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The queen is back! Adele releases 'Hello', first single off new album!

If the past four years since the release of Adele’s album ’21’ have left you woefully devoid of songs to cry your heart out to while lamenting a heartbreak you yourself have never actually experienced, fear not: the dry spell is over, and the queen of soul-wrenching ballads is back!

Early Friday morning, Adele dropped the music video for ‘Hello’, her first single off her new album ’25’. The sepia-toned video, costarring Tristan Wilds and directed by French-Canadian prodigy Xavier Dolan, has already made history as the first music video shot using IMAX cameras.

Dolan, who was among the first to hear ‘Hello’, had this to say about the song:

“It was a privilege to direct the music video for Adele’s beautiful, heartbreaking song ‘Hello’. When I first heard it, all the images appeared clearly in my head – and her trust and generosity allowed me to work with abandon artistically and emotionally, like she always does. It made me extremely proud.”

Check the video out below…and don’t forget to grab a box of tissues first!