Posted on October 8, 2015 at 12:26 am

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#TalvarTopFive – Irrfan Khan packs a punch with these five dialogues!

Dialogues are the crux of a brilliantly narrated film. Irrfan Khan’s critically acclaimed film ‘Talvar’ loosely based on the famous Noida double murder brings this out in a splendid way. The dialogues are the USP of this film and Irrfan Khan as CDI officer Ashwin Kumar has delivered them with ease. ‘Talvar’ released on Friday, October 2, 2015, has already received an outpouring of praise from fans across the globe. Here are five dialogues of the actor that will leave you mind- blown:


“Crime scene ko tumne Macchi Bazaar bana dia hai”

The time when Irrfan Khan’s character brings the in-discrepancies of the crime scene to light is just awe-inspiring

“Kissi bhi begunha ko sazaa milne se achcha hai ki dus gunehgar chut jaye”.

Some dialogues stay with you forever and this is one of those. It proves that CDI officer Ashwin Kumar is a man of honor.

“Tere mein thodi si bhi akkal hoti toh ye case wahi par khatam ho gaya hota”.

Often, the way a dialogue is delivered proves the actor’s talent and the way Irrfan Khan says it here will leave you gripped

“Khempal ki laash ke saath chappal mili thi. Woh kya chappal pehen ke dharm ka prachar kar raha tha?”

Even in the midst of all the seriousness some of amount of humor isn’t lost. The dialogue lends a lighter tone to the scene and gains whistles from the audience

“Court mein picture chalein na chalein koi baat nahi, (pause) lekin tera the end hoga beta”

. Dialogues tie a story together in a way no emotion can. This is one of the dialogues that will leave you rooting for CDI officer Ashwin Kumar!