Posted on October 13, 2015 at 12:00 am

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Is Suyyash Rai the Gautam Gulati of Bigg Boss 9?

It has only been a day since Salman Khan opened the door to Bigg Boss’ glass walled house but the tension already seems to be rising. While most people initially have trouble sleeping away from home because they miss the comfort of their home, this year’s housemates had a different reason for feeling restless.


When housemate Arvind Vegda’s snoring kept the entire house up all night, the alpha wolf Suyyash Rai took matters into his own hands. As a leader of the pact would, he suggested that everyone revolt for their right to sleep and make their sleeping arrangements in the living room area.

From the get go, Suyyash Rai displays a strong leadership quality and cut throat opinions which remind audiences of last year’s winner Gautam Gulati. His in your face, I’m here to win attitude might just be what gets him to the top, that is if it does not destroy him first.

What is your take on his authoritative nature? Will he survive the heat of the glass walled house?