Posted on October 13, 2015 at 12:14 am

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Is BB9 teaching its audience a lesson?

After seeing yesterdays Grand premiere episode of Bigg Boss 9, I feel like everyone is curious and wanting to know the true reason on why Prince Narula was rejected 4 times? Was it a scheme? Was he really going to enter the Bigg Boss House? We all know that his introduction video that was played for every contestant didn’t really show the best of him as a person but what did you think?

In Prince’s Video he had stated that he gets angry very fast, he hates insults, and he has also slapped a girl in a previous show, but despite all of that he says he’s a romantic guy. What was the purpose of the all the violence being mentioned in the first place! The anchor of the reality show our Dabangg Stud Mr.Salman Khan has encountered many events in his life that a major part was the involvement of violence and I have a great feeling that Salman is teaching not just India but anyone that violence is never the answer. It’s a teaching curve for all.

bb9 Prince Narula


Salman Khan is a type of person that has shown change throughout his lifetime. He dislikes people who abuse and he loves helping others to bring a smile to their faces. He is a type of person that will not only think about himself but also think about others and always try to help them out. His shirt that he always wear which states “Being Human” shows his gratitude toward others and how he is always there when you need him. Throughout this year’s Bigg Boss Season I have feeling that every weekend Salman will be teaching his audience a lesson that will help make out “Bharat desh” a better place.


Salman Khan at Big Boss Nau 3

Looking forward to seeing more Bigg Boss this season and glad to see Salman Khan stepping forward to make a change for the better good in India!