Posted on October 8, 2015 at 2:29 am

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In conversation with Gurj Sohanpal of Singh Gentry!

London born Gurjeet Singh Sohanpal has always had an interest and passion in fashion and specifically wants to enhance and focus on Sikh Men’s Fashion. Through this he has created and founded his brand Singh Gentry. Under his brand he has his own blog and through photo-shoots and writing he inspires men and women all around the world to gain confidence and express themselves with what they wear.

Gurj currently lives in NYC and is ambitious, adventurous and most importantly passionate towards his career. He also has an educational background in financial services, so he has a good balance between work, blogging and photo-shoots.

I had the chance to personally talk to Gurj in New York City at Washington Square Park. Check out the exclusive conversation on Urban Asian only!

Follow Gurj’s blog Singh Gentry, not only does he have some amazing photos, but he takes his followers through his journey– from his perspective on shooting locations, to personal stories and insight. From a viewers perspective its very insightful to read a fashion blog that’s not just about putting together an outfit, but instead telling us what the outfit makes us feel. Gurj emphasizes on what you wear should match your personality and I feel that is a very important aspect when putting clothes on your own body.

You can also follow Gurj on Instagram: help him reach 10k! And you can also follow him on Facebook and Twitter.