Posted on October 29, 2015 at 1:12 am

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FALL-ing in Love, Fashionably!

Earthy neutrals blended with bold color statements. 

This is what WE’RE talking about this fall! 

As November approaches, it’s time to put away the flip flops and tank tops and bust out those scarves and boots! 

Here are a few looks that we’re looking forward to rocking this season! 

•Casual Fall – emerald green is this year’s color! Pair it with neutral beige tones or grays and you’re ready for pumpkin carving!

•Dark Florals – you just can’t go wrong with floral or lace! Being my personal favorite, lace adds an elegant touch to any outfit whether it be for work or a night out. Dull pastel tones are hot this winter season so be sure to add a staple piece to your wardrobe!

•The Lush Look – the deep red, bold lip is back in style and we absolutely love it! Had a long day at work? Add a dash of liner with a dark lipstick to be picture perfect when you’re in a rush. The blood red color is also perfect to add a vamp look to your Halloween costume this year!

•Evening Glam – Ruby red is the new black and this LRD is a must-have in your closet! You can never go wrong with this look, add a neutral color heel and a statement necklace and you are ready for date night! Play around with metallics when wearing this look to add a pop for fun night out at the lounge!

•Fashionable Fellows – men’s fashion is rapidly evolving and it’s great to see how many more guys are paying close attention to their wardrobe. Looking dapper and chic is the style this season and clean is the way to be. Sleek shirts, ties, loafers and the joggers that hang ‘that way’, keep on dressin’ to impress gentlemen, you’ve never looked better!

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