Posted on October 12, 2015 at 5:16 am

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Ep. 3 Quantico – #ToTrustSimonOrNot?

Have you ever had trust issues like Drake? Well Alex Parish is having the WORST trust issues ever and it’s only episode 3!!

Alex finally gets a hold of her fathers files from O’connor and to only find out that she herself killed a hero who has saved tons of lives. She weeps and falls into Booth’s arms when this is revealed and again… what is Booth even up to?! Who is he actually?

Present day of the Grand Central Station bomb blast, FBI agents get a hold of Aelx’s mother Sita and convince her that her daughter in fact did blow up the station and killed all these innocent people. Sita does encounter Miranda, mentor at the FBI camp, and tells her to TRUST her daughter… Alex’s mother makes a heart-moving statement to America that her daughter in-fact did blow up the station.

Speaking of Miranda there is point where she visits someone in prison who happens to be her son. We find out that she put him there and that he agrees that it was for his own good. Just another secret to add on the list of the mysterious Quantico characters!!

Wait a minute though, let’s rewind in this insane episode, Simon gets a strike at the FBI Camp for trusting his gut intentions. In present day he supposedly helps Alex hack into the FBI database, but then hits the alarm. So we hate him for now. We also find out he was kicked out of camp…and then minutes later he is helping Alex hide in a room of his office building as she begins investigating who the REAL terrorist is! IT DOES NOT STOP HERE… Simon get a call from his ‘boss’ who happens to be an FBI agent saying, “keep your cover.”


This is the WTF moment of the show and climax. And we only have a million questions to ask!!

So… what do you think is going to happen next?! Will Alex figure out who the real terrorist is? Will Simon really play his cover or help Alex find out who is framing her! Where was Alex the 10th year while she was away in India after she killed her father? What is the relationship between Alex and her mother? LAST question, who was Shelby transferring all that money to?!

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