Posted on October 5, 2015 at 3:33 am

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Ep. 2 Quantico – #RunAlexRun

If you saw tonight’s episode 2 of Quantico then you were definitely having trouble breathing while watching!

The only question all the viewers have is, “who is who?” We have so many questions about each and every character because their all playing a double life, or so it feels. AND they all have SO many untold secrets!

What I love about this show so far is the switch between past and present, plus how intensely it’s got me at the edge of my seat. It is placed so perfectly, from Alex learning her skills at the FBI school to present day Alex on the run trying to prove her innocence of not being the cause of the Grand Central Station attack.

Supposedly though Alex and O’connor had a past relationship, which now present day is hindering her chances of being innocent due to her rejecting him. The oh so good looking Ryan Booth has got two lovers! It’s between Alex and Natalie, who both had a super intense fight scene present day– was Priyanka slick or what?!


We’ve already decided all the agents are hiding something and living multiple identities in this show. Some of these include Simon who might be pretending to be gay and encounters one of the Analyst who is gay and suspects Simon discretely through a number of questions. He also finds out the many pairs of glasses he owns are not actually prescription… what’s happening?

Speaking of analysts, Caleb who got demoted from wanting to be an agent to analyst now is unhappy, or so it seems. His last scene in this episode was him on his phone, on his Facebook profile with the name of Mark.

At this point we want everyone from the academy to believe Alex but next weeks episode is definitely not in for that quite yet! So many more unanswered questions and so many more episodes to go till we find out who the REAL terrorist is! And who everyone REALLY is!!