Posted on October 14, 2015 at 1:23 am

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BB House wedding alert!

Do I hear wedding bells in the BB House? I swear its become a tradition in every season to have a wedding ceremony. During season 4 Ali Merchant and Sara Khan had decided to tie the knot and they weren’t even dating; scratch that they hardly knew each other except for being house mates, and now during this year rumor is that Suyyash Rai and Kishwer Merchant might be tying the knot right here in the house. WHAT IS HAPPENING?

The cute bubbly power-packed couple have been dating  for 5 years and their love story has even been told on Bindass hit TV show “Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya” But  i’m curious about something, Will Suyyash and Kishwer last longer then Ali and Sara did after marriage? I mean we are always taught that marriage is a special scared bond that is formed between two people and is intended to last forever, do you think they will last?

IndiaTv7a5459_kishwer_suyash Bigg Boss tends to test its fellow contestants by creating these little clashes throughout the show to portray who is weak and strong among the housemates.When Ali and Sara got married they were many pros and cons attached to them that didn’t quite match up. I mean they first met in Bigg Boss and after hardly knowing each other for 3 months they decided to be together forever were they doing it for themselves or just to become more popular,but i guess we know how that turned out and it wasn’t pretty.With Suyyash and Kishwer its a little different they were introduced to Bigg Boss as a compatible strong couple who spoke their own opinions but yet there love was very deep,  but despite being paired with others will that last?


I guess we will just have to wait and watch to see what till happen in the future of the show. But we think that they will last after there marriage coming out as a more stronger couple do you think so to? Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment.