Posted on October 10, 2015 at 2:41 am

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Anmol Mallik’s Lamhein an adaptation of Coldplay's Paradise!

In today’s day and age, new singers are springing up everyday! The new artist are working harder and harder to establish their mark in the industry. Within a short span, some of them have been touted as the rising stars. One such upcoming star, Anmol Mallik who was recently roped in as the playback singer for a song titled Lamhein, an adaption of the famous melody Paradise by Coldplay. The singer is being accused of ripping off the song, not only that even her father legendary singer Anu Mallik’s name is being dragged into this matter!

Check the new track out here:

According to our sources, the track is actually a collab venture between EMI records and Universal Music India, both parties have obtained official rights to adapt it.

Anmol has already carved a name for herself as a playback singer with songs like Old School Girl from Tanu Weds Manu Returns and Time Lagaya Kaiko from Welcome Back. 

A source close to the singer confirmed,

Anmol was involved in the project only in the capacity of a singer, she has no role to play in any other aspect. Also, with regards to her father Anu Mallik, he only reproduced the track,  we are not sure why his name has been dragged in. The song adaption was conceptualised and executed by Universal Music India. It is sad to see that people are focusing on everything else accept for the song, which has been sung beautifully by Anmoll.


The new track and video has already been seen and caught the attention of the audience! And she is receiving raving feedback! The video has got over 4 million views in a week’s time which is an achievement in itself. It is heartbreaking to see such young artists being pulled down by nasty rumors rather than being encouraged to continue creating good work!