Posted on October 13, 2015 at 1:24 am

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20 Garba Guju Problems during Navratri!

October is here and you know what that means? For all the Gujarati’s and even others many are ready to hit the floor and dance! As many of us know Navratri is a time for celebration of nine nights once every year during the beginning of October, although as the dates of the festival are determined according to the lunar calendar, the festival may be held for a day more or a day less. The word Navratri literally means nine nights in Sanskrit, nava meaning nine and ratri meaning nights.During these nine nights and ten days, nine forms of Shakti and Devi are worshiped. The tenth day is commonly referred to as Vijayadashami or “Dussehra.” Navratri is a very important and major festival in the western states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Karnataka during which the traditional dance of Gujarat called “Garba” is widely performed!  As celebrating Navratri becomes popular world-wide, so does Garba. We gathered up a few fun Garba  items which some of our fans sent us on our Twitter account! #Garbaproblems when Garba gets here! I guarantee you many have run into these issues. So here goes. If you have more don’t be shy, send us your Garba Problem on our Twitter Page! @UrbanAsian!

1. That moment when you’re getting ready and all of a sudden your dress has no string in it. #GarbaProblems

2. When you’re just about to get ready and then all of your bangles are mixed up but you are not able to find anything that matches with your outfit because all the bangles are not matched. #GarbaProblems!

3.Just as soon as you leave for garba, your friends text you to find out which hall or city your doing garba at and then you can never end up finding them because it’s so crowded. #GarbaProblems

4. That moment when you’re doing garba and it smells really bad because someone isn’t wearing deodorant. BO! #GarbProblems

5. That moment when you start working out a few weeks before garba so you’re pumped up to dance even more during garba. #GarbaProblems

6.You are just about to do Raas and everyone in the line is teamed up with a partner and that one person decides to mess up and leaves the group. This is one of worse one’s as you are just about to dance real fast to the music! #GarbaProblems



7. When you are doing Garba, and all of a sudden an auntie cuts in and does the wrong step. #GarbaProblems.

8. You are just about to start dancing fast and all of a sudden the person behind you steps on your choli or foot! Ouch! #GarbaProblems.

9. That moment you are doing raas and the person has no clue what they are doing and hits your stick so hard that either your danidya broke or your hand just suffered a huge bruise! #GarbaProblems

10. You start your own line within the circle and do a new step and then everyone follows but still can’t get the steps right. #GarbaProblems



11. You know you have done enough Garba when your body aches or you start having blisters on your foot – and don’t get us wrong that’s a good thing! It’s a good work out! #GarbaProblems

12. That moment you’re at Garba and it gets so crowded with so many lines of different steps and you can’t figure out which line to go into. I say just go into any line and dance on! #GarbaProblems

13. That moment when you need security because there are aunties gossiping around where we do garba and that makes the garba space smaller. #GarbaProblems

14. The worse one! Yes we see it all the time! During aarti, people are gossiping instead of praying! That’s a big no-no! #GarbaProblems

15. The cute and funny one we all love but still laugh at! During prasad, Indian people don’t know what a line is that includes Ba’s and Dada’s. (GrandParents). Still kind of cute but yea. #GarbaProblems

16. The most awkward one of all! When a guy and a girl are about to play Dandia – aunties and uncles think they are either dating or something is going on with those two. Let’s just get them married. Wrong! #GarbaProblems

17. That moment you go to get your shoes back from where you put it at and either one of your shoes is gone or someone just took them home because they looked nice. Next time take some old flip-flops. But who knows they might end up getting stolen as well. #GarbaProblems.

18. That moment when the band is playing and they are singing slow but never speed on up and you think they are but then the garba is over. #GarbaProblems.

19. That moment when someone is doing 12 step Raas and one person is doing regular Raas and messes up the whole coordination! #GarbaProblems.

20. The last one which someone sent us was when you’re doing Garba and all of a sudden your dancing and you bump into other lines and the whole line is all messed up that you give up and decide to go out side of the circle, far out and start a new line but then the bumping starts all over again! #Ouch! #GarbaProblems

So basically overall if you didn’t get bruised, sore or blistered you have not enjoyed the craziness of Garba! Be sure to celebrate the festival of Navratri in your nearest city! And from all of us at Urban Asian we wish you a Happy Navratri!