Posted on October 23, 2015 at 7:15 pm

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#13DaysofCreepyCreepers Day 5: Not even safe jogging

Day 5 is here! Welcome back to #13DaysofCreepyCreepers! Yesterday I brought you a story of the time a 35-year-old man who asked me to Prom when I was 17. Today I’ve got an equally awkward story that will make the ladies cringe. I’m sure one of you have encountered a similar issue at some point in life.


We’re going back in time again, this time only about 6 years back. I was still settling into the new neighborhood my parents had moved us to. It was a quiet suburb, very different from the busy urban area I grew up in. There wasn’t much to do around here so I had gotten pretty lazy. I decided to get myself into shape and started working out regularly. Every Saturday morning I went jogging around the neighborhood. Now I am in no way an athlete or have any form of hand-eye coordination, so I generally look like this when running.


It’s Saturday morning, I take my sweet time stretching on my back patio and head out to jog around the neighborhood. After a while I noticed a little lime green Volkswagon bug driving down the road. Like I said I live in the suburbs, the streets are quiet and empty, especially Saturday mornings so this one little car following was easily noticeable.


When I went out for my Sunday morning run I saw him again. The following weekend I saw him again! He was following me around while I ran for weeks! Originally I thought maybe he just went driving in the morning in the direction I was running, but I would switch up my route, or start circling one block to see if he would follow me.

Of course he still followed me. Since when have I ever attracted a normal person.

Imagine being followed every weekend by this creepy old guy!



Why couldn’t it be a hot guy? A hot guy with a degree and a 6-figure job? Maybe a hot guy with a degree, a 6-figure job and a European accent? If it had to be an old man following me why couldn’t it at least be a sexy grandpa like John Stamos.


Excuse me while I wipe the drool from my face.

It was around this time that I made a new friend who lived in my neighborhood. When I told him about the old man who follows me during my jog, he became very concerned. I thought I just had a weird old man following me, but my friend informed me that there was actually quite a number of registered sexual predators who lived in this area, there is a website you can look them up on.

So there this old man is not just weird he could also be a sexual predator?


Well then….


Needless to say, I stopped jogging around the neighborhood and decided to join a gym instead. Not that a gym is creeper free, but at least if I feel threatened there are many witnesses and overly muscular trainers I trust that will protect me if need be.

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