Posted on October 22, 2015 at 1:21 pm

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#13DaysofCreepyCreepers Day 4: Will you go to Prom with me?

It is day 4 of #13DaysofCreepyCreepers and I am back with another creeper story. This time we’re going back in time a few years. Back to my days in High School.


I went to high school quite far from home so I had to spend hours on the train and bus to get home. The bus stop was on the main road and my house was was 3 blocks the stop. One day I got off the bus and I was faced with some street work going on. Con Edison, the electric company, had blocked off a part of the side walk to work so I had to walk around them.


Walking by constuction workers is awkward at any age but when you’re an awkward teen with no self-esteem it’s highly uncomfortable.


Anyway, There was a truck I had to walk around to get to the other end of the sidewalk. As I was walking someone suddenly pops out of the car, he practically hit me in the face with the door! An older man steps out of the car and apologizes for almost knocking me out.

“It’s ok..”

“Hey Wait! Where are you going?”


Wait, what? ME?

He followed me down the block and decided to start a conversation with me. I stared straight ahead and answered in 1 one word answers.

“Are you coming from school or work?”

I’ve got a backpack and textbooks in my hand, where did you think I was coming from? The strip club?


“Is your school far?”

“You’re really cute, you know?”

“Are you in College?”

“High School?”

By now we reached the corner of the block and I’m waiting to cross the street. I was ready to hyperventilate, what if this guy follows me across the street! I looked back at the rest of the Con Edison guys, hoping someone with have the decency to call this guy back, but they all just watched us.

“Are you going to Prom? Do you have a date”

“Can I take you to Prom?”


HOLD UP. Did this old guy just ask me to prom? I’m not legal yet and this guy looks like he could be my dad. What is happening?

He then paused and asked how old I was, “I’m 17.” But seriously, If I’m in high school how old did you think I was going to be 25?

He then told me he’s 35. He should have stopped when I said I was in high school, why would you continue? 17 and 35, that would have been rape! I was half his age!


Thankfully after I said “No Thanks” he realized the problem.

“I’m too old right?”


The red light arrived in time and I managed to escape. Boys, if she looks too young for you, she probably is, don’t be that creeper. Hit on girls your own age.

Well that is the end of day 4, hope you enjoyed that! Don’t forget to email us your own creepy creeper stories! Send them to