Posted on October 30, 2015 at 3:06 am

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#13DaysofCreepyCreepers Day 12: Girls can be creepers too

It’s day 12 my loves and I’d like to take a step back from telling you stories of my male creepers to remind you that girls can be creepers too. Ever heard of “crazy ex-girlfriend,” yup, men face the pain too. Not only ex girlfriends but when a girl likes a guy she definitely hunts him down on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, Tumblr, MySpace,, RateDesi and where ever else she can find him.


After intense research begins the slow infiltration into his life. Become friends with his friends, announce that you love all the things he loves, get someone to introduce you guys at an event, become friends with all of his friends, find a reason to talk to him via social media and then of course get him to fall in love with you.
It takes a sharp mind to plan, manipulate and execute this without any guys figuring it out.

You’ve got to be sly as a fox!


You know what’s even more awkward?

When the lesbian mom of the kid you’re babysitting hits on you. You heard right! One of our writers sent in this story! When she was babysitting one night, her charge’s mother started hitting on her! Not only is our writer straight, she was also only 17! That was seriously creepy. She was definitely not looking to get paid for babysitting with sex.

She needs to get her signals straight, plus hit one someone your own age lady! If she looks too young for you, she probably is.


Let’s just face it, girls creeping may not be as obvious as boys creeping but it does happen. I guess at the end of it all we’re all creepers?


That brings us to an end of Day 12 of our 13 Days of Creepy Creepers, hope you all enjoyed the series! Don’t forget to send in your stories to!