Posted on October 29, 2015 at 8:46 pm

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#13DaysOfCreepyCreepers Day 11: When neighbors get creepy

And we are back with Day 11 of 13 Days of Creepy Creepers! Today’s story is a little extra creepy.


Because this creeper was my neighbor, meaning he knew where I lived and I could never escape him. Just my luck.


When we moved into my neighborhood 9 years ago my parents became friends with this Bengali family who lived 3 houses down. A few years later the family bought a bigger house and moved away but they rented their old home out to new people. A new family moved in with loads of little kids. The parents seemed nice enough, or so I thought. When I was making the long walk home from the bus stop one day when the dad stopped next to me in his van.

“Hey, you live in the big white house right”


“You remember me right, I live in the yellow house. You coming home from school? or work?”


“Oh, you need a ride? Hop in I’ll drive you home.”

What I wanted to say:


What I actually said: “No Thanks”

“Don’t worry, I’m your neighbor. I’m going that way anyway”

“No thanks.”

This continued as I walked down the block, now he was following me in his van. Creepy old man in a large unmarked van with tinted windows, I’ve paid attention in school. No way in hell was I getting into that car! He kept following me until I walked back to my house. This was the first of many incidents where he would try to convince me to get into his car. He would always follow me as I walk home or watch me eerily from his yard. I had no escape, I always had to check through the window to see if it was safe to step out of my house.

Needless to say it was sufficiently awkward.

Thanks GOD they moved in a few months. If he was living there for a while I would have called up the uncle who owned the house to complain. It was way too creepy and scary! I mean, he knew where I lived!


I hope my suffering has at least made you guys smile. Don’t forget to send in your creeper stories to!