Posted on October 28, 2015 at 1:12 am

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#13DaysofCreepyCreepers Day 10: I thought LinkedIn was for professionals?

Are we on Day 10 already? Wow that went by fast! Well not to worry I still have more creepy creeper stories to go! Today I’m bringing you not a personal story but this is something that has happened to me. Today’s creeper is brought to you by LinkedIn!


LinkedIn was created so that professionals can connect with each other. The site displays a photo, your resume, skills, interests and you can link it to your social networking sites. People use LinkedIn to both hire employees and actively look for jobs. This is not a dating site, I repeat LinkedIn is NOT a dating site, yet creepers will be creepers….


It looks like LinkedIn has turned into a new hot spot for people to start online dating or to harass others. More and more women are pointing out the inappropriate messages they receive on LinkedIn. We get messages to meet up for coffee or to date an employer for a job or straight requests for sex. While some are awkward flirtation, others are down right explicit sexual messages, all of which are highly inappropriate.


I mean seriously dude.

I’m sitting here on a pile of never ending student loans with a degree I can’t return and a job that over-works and under pays me. I’m trying to spice up that resume on LinkedIn to attract an EMPLOYER. I’m not looking for a date! I need a decent paying job in this tragic job market where everyone wants to hire a 22-28-year-old with practically 30 years of experience.



I’m not waiting for you to come tell me how much you want to take me out or bend me over. I seriously am not looking to deal with your issues right now. What were you thinking trying to hit up a girl on LinkedIn!? 


The worst part is that LinkedIn has no block feature! There are some privacy settings but it doesn’t block a harasser and since it is a site for professional networking it’s not the greatest idea to just delete your account. If you go on the page of your harasser and look the list of people that THEY recently viewed it’s likely a list of beautiful women on LinkedIn.


It has seriously become a problem, I’ve come across articles that investigated how well LinkedIn has responded to these complaints. They do have their safeguard features and they do handle some extreme cases but it doesn’t seem to be consistent or effective according to these women who have complained.

Ashley Olson actually took a creative outlook on this issue. She’s created the tumblr where she posts the creeper messages she and her twin sister have received via LinkedIn, they even take submissions! Check it out!

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