Posted on September 29, 2015 at 2:47 pm

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The Martian has landed in Mumbai!

Fox Star Studios’ upcoming film ‘The Martian’ is one of the most awaited films this year. With fans excited for its release, the makers will treat Mumbaikars with a sneak-peak of what is expected and more! For the first time in India, a few highlights of a film will be viewed using hi-tech Water Projection Mapping technique. Open to the public, Mahim Bay on 30th September, 2015 from 7 pm – 10 pm, will have a series of projections that will appear against water sprays that will rise to 20-25 feet high above the surface of the water.


Innovatively using water and light effects, the first water projection will give the viewers a glimpse of the surface of the earth and a rocket being launched into space, followed by a water projection of Mars with an orbiting space shuttle. Lead character Matt Damon, who plays the role of a NASA astronaut, will appear in his entire get up. Wow! This is something we can’t wait to see ourselves! This is the first time such technology has been used to promote a film.

A science fiction, ‘The Martian’ is a gripping tale of a NASA astronaut, who during a space mission to Mars is left stranded and assumed dead. He has to fend for himself and what he does next is bound to leave you spellbound. Directed by Ridley Scott, the film is set for release on October 2, 2015.