Posted on September 1, 2015 at 3:22 pm

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“The Garud Prophecies – Sitara’s Story” by Gauri Singh was unveiled in the presence of Ms. Shaina N.C!

Leadstart Publishing and Crossword Book Store have hosted a book launch this past August 29, 2015!

Fashion designer, politician and social worker Ms. Shaina N.C who unveiled the book, The Gaurd Prophecies – Sitara’s Story.

The event was a casual and very lively atmosphere. Author Gauri Singh took the moment to talk about her book!

Gauri conveyed at the launch,

This is a story of three sisters and unorthodox early years where they share the secret of their struggle and desperate fight for survival which is portrayed in individual voices with timelines flashing between the past and present. Their journey embodies the story of the universal human condition man’s eternal waging against forces beyond his control, his struggle to conquer demons, to rise, using the inner force more powerful than any other, one available to not just the gifted, but to all love.


Gracing the occasion, Ms. Shaina N.C said,

I would like to congratulate Gauri Singh for her new book launch. The book is the story of a journey that tests spirits and strengths, whilst seeking that one truth to hold onto, when the world turns upside down.

Mr. Swarup Nanda, CEO, Leadstart Publishing  said,

Leadstart is honored to associate with Gauri Singh. She is a very dynamic and graceful writer and we wish her hearty congratulations and success in all her future endeavors. We sincerely thank Ms. Shaina N.C for being a part of the book launch.