Posted on September 29, 2015 at 12:49 am

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Sunny Brown releases Punjabi remix of Bollywood hit “Tu Hai Ki Nahi”

This will put you in the romantic mode! So get the wine out and grab your partner and dance to this beautiful tune! Fans here is some free music to add to your playlist!  Sunny Brown released a Punjabi remix of Bollywood hit “Tu Hai Ki Nahi” as a free download for his fans. With the start of his solo career in May 2015 Sunny released his first single “Teri Yaad Mein” from his debut solo album currently in production.

“During the studio sessions I was inspired to do a Punjabi take on this track as it had so much meaning. Originally I recorded this version just for my close friends but the response they gave me was overwhelming and everyone kept pushing me to release it for the fans, so here we are.”


Sunny explains.

Sunny is also prepping for a stint in Mumbai working on Bollywood projects and has his song “Talli” featured in Deepa Mehta’s new movie Beeba Boys releasing shortly.


Be sure to go download the tune for FREE!