Posted on September 27, 2015 at 11:16 pm

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Purvi Doshi brings jaw dropping collection to Mumbai!

Gujarati based designer Purvi Doshi brought her amazing handcrafted collection to Mumbai. It contains beautiful hand work that reflects the calmness of nature. The collection is made up of natural authentic fabric like Khadi and intricate embroidery that highlights elements of nature. As a designer, Purvi believes in hand crafted clothing and created pieces of work that can’t be matched by any machine.

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Her designs include beautifully structured dresses and drapes in off white tones and gold embellishments that are just jaw dropping. The different textures and cuts is what makes the collection so extravagant and inspiring. Speaking about the collection, Purvi Doshi said,

“This collection is the closest to my heart. I have always wanted to give back something to the environment; the use of all natural colors and fabrics is my way of contributing towards the good health of Mother Earth. And I believe in nurturing my traditional roots and giving them a contemporary twist, which reflects in my


She really did carry out with a strong message and a tribute to old traditions!