Posted on September 24, 2015 at 1:25 pm

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Ouch! KRK might just have messed with the wrong person!

Do you remember making a mini sling out of rubber band, your index finger and thumb as a child? Remember your mother telling you not to do that because you might just hurt yourself? And finally, do you remember that rubber band missing your target and flying backwards only to hit you in your own face? Well whether it be a rubber band or nasty comments, both seem to work the same way! It’s no wonder the trolling King of Bollywood Kamaal R Khan found himself falling face first in the grave he dug for many before him.

A Twitter war between Kamaal R Khan and veteran actor Rishi Kapoor went a bit too far when Kamaal R Khan began using foul language to describe the latter. Rishi Kapoor has decided to report the incident to Twitter’s help desk!