Posted on September 1, 2015 at 2:48 am

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Meet our favorite Patel’s, Ravi and Geeta!

Meet our favorite Patel’s Ravi and Geeta! These siblings were crazy enough to record a documentary on their family! What started as a video of their trip to India turned into a documentary on arranged marriage, love and family. These film-making siblings bring the laughs, love and more in Meet the Patels, but before you head out to see the film get to know this duo with our rapid fire round!


Favorite color?

RP: Blue
GP: polka dot

Describe yourself in 3 words
RP: Laugh, Love, Nose.
GP: nerdy, loving, clumsy

If you could cast any Bollywood actor as your hero who would it be? (Geeta)
GP: Shahrukh Khan

If you could cast any Bollywood actress as your heroine who would it be? (Ravi)
RP: That Deepika Puda-something. She’s hot.

Favorite city?
RP: Venice, CA.
GP: Los Angeles, CA

If you were not an actor/director what would you be?
RP: Well, Im also Co-CEO of This Bar Saves Lives. So, I guess that? I also really want to own my own coffee shop meets Whole Foods one day. I also want to be part-owner of the Chicago Bears.
GP: Explorer.

meet the patels

If you could remake any movie what would it be?
RP: Goodwill Hunting.
GP: Ravi you can’t remake Goodwill Hunting. It’s not that old.

Samosa’s or mithaai?
RP: Samosas all day.
GP: mom’s samosas

If you were trapped on an island what are 3 things you must have with you?
RP: a ball, a knife, and hot sauce.
GP: gum, banana chips, nail clippers

Daal or sabzi?
RP: don’t make me pick, please.
GP: daal!

Favorite sport?
RP: Right now, fav sports to play are volleyball and spikeball.
GP: Ravi and I are on a soccer team … Soccer.

Party all night or sit at home and read?
RP: used to be the first thing. now it’s the second.
GP: sit at home. That’s never really changed. I’m such a nerd!

Keep it locked for more updates on Meet the Patel! We’re even having Ravi take over our page during the LA screening so keep a look out for that next weekend! You could even get a chance to check out the special screening and meet Ravi himself in New York! Be sure to check out Meet the Patels, out September 11th!