Posted on September 28, 2015 at 3:54 pm

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It's another baby for Veena and Asad Khan!

It’s another baby for Veena Malik Khan! Veena Malik Khan & Asad Bashir Khan new-born baby Amal Asad Khan has arrived and it’s another baby girl! Here are some cute snaps of the new baby boy! We even see Abram holding his baby brother! Someone is a little protective! It’s so cute!  Abram Khan meeting her sister first time since she born. Both Kids look charming and cute. Abram Khan turn 1-year-old on the 22nd Sept and his sister Amal Asad Khan born on very next day 23rd Sept. Someone is going to be sharing some birthday parties!

Both Brother and sister and even their dad Asad Bashir Khan born on 2nd sept, share the same month as their birthdays… such a lovely coincidence! Congrats to the couple!