Posted on September 28, 2015 at 3:51 am

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Ep. 1 Quantico – #WhoFramedAlex

We have finally seen the very first episode of Quantico! And all I can say is, “WOW!”

The much anticipated show of this Fall has shocked all the Priyanka Chopra fans and non-fans too! So let’s run down with what happened on the first episode, Run!


PC plays an American-Indian girl Alex Parish, as an agent in training at the Quantico camp. We are taken between the past and present of Alex Parish’s life. Present being at the Grand Central Station bomb blast in New York City and the past starting from Day 1 at the camp with 49 other trainees.

So day one at the Quantico camp started off with Alex, and not knowing at that moment but also another agent in training, but having sex in the car with Ryan Booth! They run into each other on day 1 at camp, awkward! Day two, trainees had to get to known one another and this was not so simple because they had to dig into one-anothers lives and get to know each and every person’s deepest secrets. From Alex murdering her father at a young age and is then sent to live with family in Mumbai for ten-year– hence here Indian-American twang. Then there’s Shelby (played by Johanna Braddy) losing her parents in a plane crash on 9/11, to even deeper secrets yet to be unraveled! One trainee was intimidated before getting interrogated he shot himself.

Then we’re taken back to the present moment where Alex is framed for the Grand Central Station blast and is asked which Quantico trainee was behind this. She is freaked out, handcuffed, dumped in the back of an FBI van where she meets her Assistant Director of the FBI Academy, Miranda— she helps Alex escape the police and the last shot is shown that she has an FBI cap on walking amongst the New York City crowd in hiding.

BUT we have SO many questions running through our heads! One of the training agents, Nimah Amin (played by Yasmine Al Masri) who is a Muslim woman is shown to have twin and NO one in the academy is aware of this except for Elias (played by Rick Cosnett) who is also Gay and finds out she is playing a double life at the academy! In addition, FBI Special Agent Liam O’Connor (played by Josh Hopkins) seems to be living a very sketchy life so far and he definitely is hiding a ton of secrets. And what is the plastic bag Alex is constantly hiding, what’s up with that?

So far all we found out from episode 1 Run is that almost every agent in the show has a secret life they are hiding and there are a ton of mysteries to be revealed in the next couple episodes! But most importantly it seems everything is connected back to Alex and her father’s murder.

So get hyped for next Sunday for the second episode and let’s hope some of our questions get answered! Check out the promo of next Sunday’s episode!

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