Posted on September 4, 2015 at 5:04 pm

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Daler Mehndi honors his father on Teacher’s Day

On this Teacher’s Day DRecords releases Gur Poorey Meri Raakh Laye by Late Bhai Ajmer Singh Chandan, an ode from Daler Mehndi to his first teacher, his Father! The album Gur Poorey Meri Raakh Laye comprises of 5 tracks (shabads) sung by Late Bhai Ajmer Singh Chandan. Bhai Ajmer Singh Chandan was the father of Indian Pop Icon Daler Mehndi and the Bollywood Sensation Mika Singh.

Gur Pooey Meri Rakh Layee Timeline Cover 2
This album is a compilation of Shabads that Daler Mehndi grew up listening and learning from.
The compositions are by Late Bhai Ajmer Singh Ji and all his sons Daler Singh Mehndi, Shamsher Singh(also on Tabla), Amarjit Singh, Joginder Singh, Mika Singh came together to support and sing in their father’s first ever studio recording. The title shabad “Gur Poorey Meri Raakh Laye” is a gratitude prayer to the teacher who in itself is complete in totality. The second shabad “Bhai Re Is Man Ko Samajhaye” is about the Art of Living when the Guru teaches you the power of taming of the mind. The third shabad “Daya Karo Thakur Parbh Mere” is a plead requesting the Almighty to please help understand the deeper meaning of life. The fourth shabad “Sagal Bhavan Ke Nayeka” is a shout out to the Lord – the King of Kings to show the yearning seekers a “Glance”. The last shabad “Teri Kudrat Tuhen Janne” is about the Super Powerful Lord who is the creator of all, alone knows the purpose of creating everything.

This album was recorded in the year 1999 in New Delhi. The album is being released on this Teacher’s Day of 2015 as an ode to the beautiful teachings of the ‘Guru’ Sri Guru Granth Sahib as taught to the now famous Pop Icons Daler Mehendi and Mika Singh by their father. Keep it locked for more updates!