Posted on September 1, 2015 at 12:25 pm

Bollywood Featured What's Happenin'

Ali Fazal hosts a special screening for Elijah Wood!

Elijah Wood who will be gracing the city this week will be doing much more than touring the country for his music.
The Bollywood actor Ali Fazal who is hosting the Hollywood actor cum DJ will be showing Elijah a glimpse of what Mumbai is known for – Bolly Land. Ali will be doing a special screening of his debut movie 3 Idiots for his guest.

Ali Fazal_2

Ali will be booking a small suburban venue for this and shall also be inviting his boy gang to be a part of this.The movie is considered a cult movie in Indian cinema and also makes it more special for Ali since it is his debut movie.

Ali says,

Yes we are trying for the screening to happen. The film is iconic and something very close to my heart. And thus I thought of taking this initiative to arrange a screening. I believe this film marks a highlight in Indian cinema and if this is Elijah first encounter with Bollywood I would like it to be with a film which has achieved a cult status in the world of cinema.  Hopefully his schedule allows us.

We hope Elijah likes one of the most memorable movie from the world of Bollywood.