Posted on August 4, 2015 at 1:00 pm

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Why Nargis is a Friend Everybody Needs!

Damn Right! Nargis Fakhri is one friend you must have around all the time. The bubbly actress is one hell of a crazy, cool and adventurous lady. IF you don’t believe us, check out the reasons why we think she is the perfect best buddy!


There simply is no one else like her!


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There’s definitely no quiet moment when Nargis is around. She’s not only quirky, funny and witty but also a completely crazy person to be with. She’s the friend who will not only understand your crazy side but will help you live it.

The Ultimate Yoga Master!


Nargis is a fitness freak and loves Yoga. She’s also the fitness ambassador for Reebok’s ‘Studio’, products for dance, aerobics and yoga. She will surely be your Yoga Guru and push you be healthier.

She will make sure you look sensational
nargis fakhri, main tera hero

The actress has impeccable fashion taste, and that’s for sure. Known for her stylish appearances, Nargis will be your perfect style adviser. Together, the two of you can dress to kill!

She can teach you how to cook healthy and eat right


Nargis can cook up a storm in the kitchen! But of course, it will be extremely healthy. She believes in living a balanced life with the right amount of exercise and food. You’ll be sure to enjoy some delicious food without the fear of gaining weight

Nargis can teach you how to nail the perfect pout


The actress’ Instagram page is flooded with perfect selfies. Whether it’s a special occasion or a day at home, Nargis can rock the pout at any given time and she can definitely help you perfect yours. Imagine the selfies you two can take together?

She’s an enthusiastic traveler

Nargis 2

She is one of the best travel buddies to have. Nargis has visited numerous countries across the globe and will be ready to pick her bag and set out on a wonderful journey with you.

She can laugh at herself


is one of the few people who can laugh at themselves. Her episode on Koffee with Karan (Season 3), showed us that she has an excellent sense of humor. And what makes it even more special is she often takes digs at herself, just like she did on the show!

The actress will do anything for her friends


Nargis loves her friends and always shows it. Remember when she turned rapper for Hrithik Roshan’s Bang Bang dare without any hesitation? She’s known to be one of the warmest people in the industry and her friends always talk about her good nature. So be assured that Nargis will have your back no matter what.