Posted on August 13, 2015 at 1:14 am

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When Nawaz got emotional!

Nawazuddin Siddiqui debuted with a small role in Aamir Khan’s film Sarfarosh back in 1999, and since then has never looked back.  For his upcoming movie, “Shantanu” he has been keeping busy meeting some real life heroes.  When the talented actor met a man from Nagpur, Shantu, Nawazuddin was brought to tears hearing his story.  Shantanu has written a book “If you were mine…“ in remembrance of his lover.  He was inspired to write that book after a tragic incident with his girlfriend which he lost in an accident.  After the tragic loss, Shantanu has sworn never to marry again.


When Nawaz heard the whole story the actor was teary eyed and gave his piece of positive motivation to the Nagpur resident.  Speaking of the incident, Nawaz says,

“Shantanu’s story is very emotional and has inspired me. But what I like about the whole thing is his positive attitude towards the whole incident. It’s the love for his lover which motivated him to come up with a book. I liked his spirit. … And we all learnt from him that one needs to move on with his life n do it so with a positive attitude and strong willpower. I wish he does well in the field of literature because his writing is very fine. “