Posted on August 27, 2015 at 3:00 am

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Uplifting The Veil behind bars in India!

This will make you smile and it will also make you want to hop on a plane for the next program! I know it would for me! I had a chance to speak with the Founder of ‘Uplift Humanity’ about his organization and was amazed to see how well the foundation is doing by helping people behind bars out in India.
Uplifting The Veil. Photo Credit: Shruti Parekh
Uplifting The Veil. Photo Credit: Shruti Parekh
In 2014, Uplift Humanity launched Uplifting The Veil, a social media contest where volunteers were challenged to leverage smart phone technology to capture what life is really like behind bars in India. Volunteers who attended our programs in Hyderabad, Delhi, and Vadodara this summer documented their experiences working inside these facilities. The objective of this program was to spread awareness to American youth in the United States on the conditions of underprivileged youth in India. Each student recorded a personal video and shared it on their social media handles. The videos were released last week, and each video has been getting hundreds of views on YouTube.

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Now that the volunteers are back they are all set to find out who will win the competition! Arjun Gupta, who is a Hollywood actor will be judging the contest and he tells how he feels about the competition and the cause which is helping the people behind bars of India:

‘I was humbled to be approached and honored to be apart of this wonderful organization. The work they do getting people on the ground to volunteer and actually do good work in PERSON is a life changing opportunity not only for the kids in India but these teenagers. Giving this young people an experience that will open their eyes to the influence they will have as they continue to grow! It’s the digital age and taking advantage of the YouTube culture to spread awareness about more than kittens doing weird things or someone biting a finger is paramount. With Internet videos being the way most people consume news and get exposed to the world, this is a brilliant way to spread awareness and hopefully inspire others to this cause.’

Makes you want to head to India right now and help these kids – doesn’t it? Check out the snaps above and stay tuned for the winner of the campaign Uplifting The Veil behind bars in India here on

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