Posted on August 9, 2015 at 1:39 am

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Shweta Salve’s showstopper!

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 The dynamic duo Sujata and Sanjay partnered with a Pune based jewelry designer for an intricate Lotus themed collection called Aaraa By AvantikaShweta Salve wore the jaw dropping showstopper piece while wearing a luxurious outfit by Sujata & Sanjay.

The line of outfits worn on the runway were a combination of chic fashion from today and traditional aesthetics  that complemented the jewelry perfectly.

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All the elegant beige, ivory and black dresses were edgy yet feminine which is what made the jewelry collection stand out the most! It was an amazing job and well done to the India International Jewelry week! Check out Aaraa by Avantika for more information on the jewelry!