Posted on August 24, 2015 at 7:47 am

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Shilpa Narayan’s new video “Pinch Me” is out!

Shilpa Narayan (see iTunes page here), who is based in NY, is a singer who is sure to leave a mark in the world of music.  In fact, she’s already gained a lot of fans and her songs have featured on big name channels like MTV and VH1.  In fact, even Ryan Seacrest and Carson Daly have fallen in love with her voice.  With every track Shilpa releases, she showcases a different side of her vocal talent.  Shilpa’s skills are such that she can handle slow numbers, dance numbers, and even darker tracks. While “Renegade” showcased the power in her voice, her next single “Baby Go Home” showcased a more country-twang.  Now, “Pinch Me” shows a completely new side to her voice!  All three tracks will be featured on Shilpa’s upcoming EP – we’ll bring you all the details!  Check out the video for “Pinch Me” below, and be sure to scroll down to read what she told us about her track!

Roopa: What inspired this track?

Shilpa: “Pinch Me” is all in all, a love song. It’s about being so incredibly infatuated, that the line between dream vs reality can get blurred. Pinch Me came about a little over 2 years ago, when I met this guy one night who I just really hit it off with. But, it was at a club – music blaring, smoke machines hazing everything, that the next day I couldn’t honestly remember what was real and what I was making up in my head. I talked to my mom on the phone about it (who’s always the best at giving me advice) and she was just like, when you’re out in a setting like that – it’s hard to tell what could actually be a connection, and what is probably just “club love” (*laughs*). Right after that convo I started writing the song with my roommate and a couple hours later, Pinch Me was born! I may have not found love that night, but at least I have a song now! *smiles*

Roopa: This song is in a different style than your other songs. How are you able to so easily shift into a different style?

Shilpa: I’ve always gravitated towards different types of music and this is actually one of my favorite genres right now. I really love that Alternative R&B type of sound – so this was really easy for me to write to!