Posted on August 11, 2015 at 11:05 pm

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Rina Dhaka Collection for BMW India Bridal Fashion Week 2015

The floral embellishments and elaborate sequences in Rina Dhaka’s collection makes women everywhere feel empowered. The collection as a whole sends a good message and is well put together.

Rina Dhaka says

“Ayub feels the fabric, and guides the girls as he is blind. I was awed by his commitment and this became the fulcrum of my haute couture 2015 showing where I once again fell in love with flowers and the unscripted magic they exude,”


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A lot of people asked me to return to my roots and revisit what I started with, almost 25 years back, so I did add the lace, and kept the architecture of the ensemble uncomplicated, playing hide and seek with modern placements and skirt saris. The central thought was to remain vibrant yet sharply incisive

The femininty of the collection was highlighted by the use of  the classic Indian color palette of emeralds, light siam and ruby Red from Swarovski crystals.