Posted on August 28, 2015 at 12:57 am

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Raghav, Abhishek Bachchan and Nelly team up with Solar Aid – ‘Until The Sun Comes Up’

The three have come together for an amazing cause and not only a song but the power to help create a message and help the people in Africa! The single is an initiative by Raghav Mathur and its titled ‘Until The Sun Comes Up’, via Fontana North. The track features Grammy Award winning rapper Nelly, and there is an exclusive bonus version that features Abhishek Bachchan. Creating a song which has such powerful meaning with the three has created a strong message to people across the globe. The lack of Electricity in Africa has become an issue and the song gives you hope that the Sun will come up!

Mathur distributed over 300 solar lights to school-age children in the small rural township of Shungubweni, in Tanzania with This is an international NGO that has the goal of eliminating the kerosene lamp from Africa by the year 2020. He purchased these lights to personally deliver them to the community. You go Raghav!

These lights will help the students of Shungubweni Secondary School study for an extra 375,000 hours, and save their families $60,000 per light (estimated in Canadian equivalent) as they will no longer have to buy kerosene or candles.

These above mentioned points have been clearly described in the video that features Bachchan and Nelly. In fact, Abhishek is seen emphasising on these number in the video to support the cause.

“I hope people will look years from now at this song being a singular moment when east and west collaborated in a way that has a true global musical impact. And performing it with Abhishek (who is the most talented human I’ve ever met) and Nelly (who is a legend) make this song even more special to me,” said Mathur.

as he told one news reporter

So what are you waiting for? Join the campaign today and help bring some ‘Sun’ to Africa! For more information on the cause you can go to to help and donate.