Posted on August 17, 2015 at 1:08 pm

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MSG-2 The Messenger First Look Poster Released in an unbelievable setting

Can anyone imagine a whopping 278,820 crazed fans jam packed in a concert? On the eve of India’s Independence Day, Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan rocked gyrating fans with his powerful renditions as they filled the Shah SatnamJi International Cricket Stadium in Sirsa and spilled over into three football fields outside. One of the star attractions was that Guruji unveiled the First Look Poster of MSG-2 The Messenger and announced the release date to insistent fans. Amidst the applauding crowds, there was a hushed silence as everyone waited with bated breaths, and Guruji ignited their curiosity by making a slow and stylish announcement. The movie is also said to contain an exciting love story.

MSG 2- First Look

After the grand success of MSG-The Messenger, the sequel, MSG-2 The Messenger is all set to release on 18th Sep, 2015. Like MSG-The Messenger, which was an entertainer with a message, this film is packaged with melodious compositions, suspense, action and high drama.

The film portrays the tribals and their extreme animal like lives and with empathy, perseverance and belief in human life, MSG succeeds in turning them around, changing their destinies. The Movie lays parallel between their lives and modern day lives, forcing us to think about present day lifestyles, being armed with all the tools, we still tend to give up easily. The Movie is an inspirational tale for everybody but delivers the punch admixed with a high dose of action, adventure and wholesome entertainment.

Packed with 6 melodious songs and serene scenic beauty, watch out for this one unfold on 18th September.