Posted on August 25, 2015 at 3:59 am

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Limited Edition “Upgrade in Progress” CD by SWAMI kicks off with “We Are”!

SWAMI is an internationally known band that is most recognized for their very unique electro-pop sound.  Fans around the world love them.  Their last album was a greatest hits collection, but they are back now with the latest chapter in their highly anticipated musical journey – the hot new album UPGRADE.  The aptly-named new EP, Upgrade In Progress kicks off with the brand new single “We Are”, an inclusive celebration of identity set to the progressive exotic electronic SWAMI dance floor beat.

‘Be proud of your identity and your culture but embrace progress. We Are is all about that. ’DJ Swami

Already delighting audiences in summer 2015 with headline performances at Bristol Harbour Festival and Berlin’s Haus der Kulturen, “We Are” mashes a hypnotizing progressive world fusion dance groove with a truly anthemic chorus. Upgrade In Progress also features all the single releases from the forthcoming album so far including “Back It Up”, “Do It Again” and “Dhoomdaraka” as well as an exclusive never-before released unplugged version of Do It Again”.

Upgrade In Progress is aimed directly at SWAMI’s army of fans known as DesiRockaz with a limited edition physical release.  Upgrade In Progress is available in physical CD format – but in an exclusive, fans-only limited edition, with each copy individually numbered and signed by the band, and available to order only at


Fans who love keeping up with SWAMI’s journey towards UPGRADE have been tuning in to #SwamiSunday on YouTube – the band’s weekly video series. With 25 episodes already uploaded, the series has shown the behind-the-scenes workings of the band, live clips from the recent shows, covers, photoshoots and much more.

SWAMI’s next live performance will be at Edinburgh Mela on the 30th August, with more dates coming later in the year.