Posted on August 26, 2015 at 11:12 pm

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Interesting snippets about Ali Zafar’s ‘Rockstar’

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Superstar Ali Zafar’s song ‘Rockstar’ featuring in the second episode of Coke Studio Season 8 has taken social media by storm. With over 500,000 views on Facebook only since the song released two days ago, not only Ali’s loyal fans but everyone else is going crazy over this jazzy new track for Ali bringing in variations in his vocals, freshness and edgy lyrics as well as Coke Studio’s attempt to do something different this time.

What’s interesting about the song is that it was composed by Ali himself in just three minutes, showing what a truly efficient and talented rockstar Ali really is.

However, the amazing end result that one sees took a lot of blood and sweat and was no easy task. Coke Studio had to delay the shoot for the song by a day as Ali was severely unwell due to food poisoning and had been hospitalised. He could barely speak when he reached the set. Who can figure that out from both the audio and video of the song?

Taking a break from creating a fusion and covering a classic, as is the theme behind Coke Studio, ‘Rockstar’ is a completely new and an original composition and highlights Ali’s vocal prowess and his ability to sing all kinds of compositions.

Talking about composing the lyrics for ‘Rockstar’, Ali said he did not want clichéd lyrics.

‘I knew I didn’t want to write cliched lyrics about ‘A’ girl. Why not pun on my own self? That’s how ‘Rockstar’ came about.’

Ali also mentioned what an exhilarating experience it was recording ‘Rockstar’ and how he gathered the energy to record all his songs for this season of Coke Studio in one go and the mini celebration at the end of recording.

‘On the day of the recording, which was the last day of recording for the season, I did my rehearsals and final recording of all three songs in one go while standing in front of the mic for 10 hours. First everyone just went silent and suddenly they all started dancing.’