Posted on August 9, 2015 at 1:29 pm

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India’s first tech thriller web series is out to entertain!

India’s first ever tech thriller web series is finally here! In an age where the average Indian spends more than 8 hours on the internet,average TV content is being aimed at women over 35 years and most
importantly, TV censorship is at it’s peak, a web series seems imminent.


Set in aamchi Mumbai, in the backdrop of drugs, real-estate dirty deals and prostitution, Hankaar, entails ‘realistic fiction’ content that explores the stories of five ordinary people who go through extraordinary life changing experiences. Unfortunately, in the real
world of television, ‘realistic fiction’ isn’t the most ideal space
for producers to put their money in.

Yogi Chopra, the writer of the net series, says

“As producers we realize that Indian television is not ready for this kind of content. But, we are keen to create not just one, but at least three seasons of this series. It is certain that the audience for this type of content is there, but because it is deemed non-commercial, it is difficult to find required funding.”