Posted on August 26, 2015 at 12:53 am

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Imaginary rehab center busted as Jasbir Jassi’s efforts at gaining publicity back fires

Singer Jasbir Jassi who made false claims of meeting Honey Singh at a certain rehab center denied meeting him. The singer retracted his statement within 24 hours clarifying that he actually never saw, met or knew of Honey being in a rehab center.


Reliable sources revealed that Jasbir Jassi has never met Honey Singh. Ever since Honey Singh decided to take break and go off radar, a lot of baseless speculations and stories have been cooked up about his disappearance. Contrary to all such speculations, Honey has never ever visited or had felt the need to visit a rehab center. Honey is fine and resting and has been spending quality time with his family.

Celebrities can be loved or hated but they seldom die in news. This time, it’s singer Jasbir Jassi who tried his hand at fame by using Honey’s name. Sources have also revealed that Honey Singh’s family is planning to take legal recourse on this new speculation which has ensured backtracking on the issue by Jasbir Jassi.

All we can say is that whatever he tried has seriously backfired.