Posted on August 15, 2015 at 4:19 am

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Filmy Friday: Brothers Review!

I have never felt so restless while watching a film, I practically was having to force myself to stay interested in the film, Brothers. The idea of the film was interesting and there were very a few moments where I actually thought the film may get better, but I was wrong.

The story of the film felt as if it were incomplete and something was surely missing. The story itself was presented in a very choppy way, I was constantly trying to keep up with all the characters thoughts and battles, instead it would have been better to have just been told what was happening vs. trying to keep up. To many parts of the story were also too obvious and predictable and by the end I was exhausted by the cheesy commentary dialogues by the ‘R2F – Right to Fight’ hosts.

The only actor I was really impressed by was Jackie Shroff the focus of the film started off on him and he was the only reason I was still able to sit through the entire film. The one actor I was looking forward to see though had me disappointed, Siddarth Malhotra. His character was too similar to his role in Ek Villain and I wish to have seen more structure to his character and more dialogue out of him too. Akshay Kumar had more dialogue than Sid but it wasn’t anything too different from the persona we typically see Akshay in, other than his fight scenes were in a boxing rink vs. the streets. Both the male actors only had my attention when they were at the training point for their boxing tournament, but that lasted just about seven minutes. Jacqueline Fernandez and Shefali Shah had very minimal roles and they didn’t stand out or anything, so I have very little to say on that part.

The music of Brothers wasn’t too striking either, I found Kareena’s item number just another reason to elongate the film.

By the end of the film I was ready to rush out of the cinema hall and my entire drive home I contemplated on how to review the film. It was exhausting and not so entertaining. Again the idea and concept they presented on-screen was very different and could have been intriguing to watch, but I was un-amused and bored about half-an-hour into the film.

This Dharma Production film directed by the maker of Agneepath, Karan Malhotra was quite a disappointment to watch on the big screen.

Urban Asian’s review of Brothers is

2 stars


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