Posted on August 9, 2015 at 10:30 pm

Featured Hindi Music Urban What's Happenin'

Dixi Patel gives you something to ‘Lean On’ with some Flash Back moments!

We told you about Dixi Patel a few months ago and now this amazing singer has decided to take it up another notch adding some Urban Fusion and Flash back music combined in one!  Lean On which has been growing worldwide with nearly 400 millions hits on YouTube is also being re-created with many artists! Dixi Patel has re-created the song by adding some old school Hindi music and even some Tamil music! She has shown major improvement on mixing all three combined and mix is so likable that I had it on replay a few times!


She tells Urban Asian,

‘This song is so catchy and I knew as soon as I heard it that I wanted to cover it. I loved that the original artists kind of already gave an indian feel to it which made it easy to come up with songs to create the remix. I thought it would be awesome to represent indian culture through this song by blending in languages from different parts of India. Also my first time giving Tamil an attempt which was an exciting challenge:) It was a little different from my usual covers which also made it fun to work on.’


Just check out the tune for yourself and tell us what you think of her version ‘Lean On | Thulli Thulli Remix’ on her soundcloud here below! I knew after hearing it a few times I fell in love with the mix! Let us know if it brought back some memories for you? It sure did for me!

The song is also available for download on sound cloud here! Be sure to download it today and add it to your play list or even your work out list!