Posted on August 28, 2015 at 9:14 pm

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Alia Bhatt and Shahid Kapoor meet fans at Close Up’s First Move Party!

The adorable Alia Bhatt and the newly married hottie, Shahid Kapoor are out and about promoting their upcoming film Shaandaar with Close Up’s First Move Party at Mehboob Studios! Close Up’s event was all about giving youngsters the confidence to make the first move. The trailer of Shandaar reveals that Alia dreams of Shahid making his first move on her while horse riding!

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Set against a backdrop of a destination wedding, the movie has Shahid and Alia making the first move. The first move is all about charm, charisma and taking a definite confident step towards your romantic interest. The right first move can make all the difference and take you from being just a friend to much more, in the life of that special someone.

At the Closeup First Move Party Shahid and Alia unveiled the new Closeup pack, picked a lucky guy and girl for a quick dance and even shared personal stories of how they had made their first moves in college. The Closeup First Move Party also had an interesting set of experience zones to help college goers make their best ‘first move’. At Brush Up Your First Move Skills, students had to perform the task of brushing with Closeup, with a twist. Some students aced the art of head-banging while brushing and others struck a pose with their partner and a toothbrush, replicating popular movie posters. For those who can dance their way into someone’s heart, Salsa was the go-to option with lots of young couples showing off some really cool moves. The quirky posers took their dates and tried the Flipbook Counter. This event sounds like so much fun! Excited to be at the party, Shahid Kapoor said,

“I feel the association of Closeup with Shandaar as the first move partner, is a perfect fit. The two most important factors to make a successful first move are freshness and confidence which this brand offers. The Closeup First Move Party is just the place to be! ”. Alia Bhatt added, “I am thrilled to be at the Closeup First Move Party. I love spending time with my fans and thanks to Shandaar and Closeup I got a chance to not just meet but even party with them!”

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The party witnessed a fabulous performance by the country’s favorite singer, composer and lyricist – Amit Trivedi and his crew. VJ Yudi (Yuuthistar) and VJ Bani played witty hosts for the evening and shared some first- move tricks to help students make theirs.

Speaking about the party, Amit Trivedi said,

“I had an amazing time performing in Mumbai today. The audience crooned to most of the songs with me and the feeling was simply electrifying. I tried my hand at a couple of experience zones at the Closeup First Move Party as well and had a blast. Closeup really does give you the confidence to get closer.”

Shandaar is a film that marks the first time we see Alia opposite Shahid Kapoor and we’re wondering how that chemistry will work? It seems like the couple is really comfortable together and there was news that Alia did have a crush on Shahid in her youth!

What do you think, will Alia and Shahid sizzle or fall flat?