Posted on August 6, 2015 at 7:57 am

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Ali Fazal gets Elijah Wood to visit India for the first time!

Ali Fazal, known for his performance in films like 3 Idiots, Fukrey and Always Kabhi Kabhi, is readying for a visit from Hollywood star Elijah Wood.  The 34 year old actor is an Academy Award winner and is known for his films like The Lord of The Rings trilogy, Sin City and The Hobbit.  The young star is making his way to India and it turns out his official Indian host will be none other than Ali Fazal!

It will be nice to see these two youth icons come together.  After all Ali is one of the most promising young faces in India, and Elijah is a youth icon in his own right. The purpose of Elijah’s tour is not to promote his next movie, but in fact, he’s going to India to showcase a hidden talent of his that is not known to many!  Elijah who is popularly known as Frodo Baggins from The Hobbit Trilogy, in addition to producing and acting, is a popular underground DJ in the west!

Elijah has his own DJ duo called Wooden Wisdom along with his partner Zach Cowie!  The duo recently did a tour across the U.S. Promoting their music and now have caught the fancy to visit India.  Lucid Productions will be presenting the tour.  The man behind bringing this talent down to India is Kenneth D’Souza, founder of Lucid Productions.  Excited about bringing down Wooden Wisdom down to India for a tour, Kenneth says ‘”It’s going to be a new experience for us all!”

Elijah and Zac will be in India from 3rd till 9th September and will perform across 3 cities in India including Mumbai, Delhi, and Hyderabad.

About visiting India, Elijah said,

“We love traveling abroad and playing records, so we can’t wait to visit India for the first time, buy killer records and eat delicious food!”

Meanwhile, Ali told us,

“Yes, I am hosting Mr. Elijah Wood and Zac Cowie. It;s an exchange of notes. At the same time, it’s a kick off for Elijah and Zac on their music venture. Taking them around the metro cities and having them introduce their style of music on the consoles. I seen some of his works and he’s a fine actor. Zac’s got great hold on music, so both of them together is quite the mix. Lookin’ forward.”

Over the past two years, Wooden Wisdom has toured the world performing at festivals, clubs and special events.  Wooden Wisdom will surely be sweeping the music lovers off their feet in the Mumbai concert.

We’re looking forward to the Elijah-Zac India takeover too!  Be sure to follow Urban Asian for all the latest on his trip!