Posted on August 1, 2015 at 9:41 pm

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12 AMAZING Bollywood covers that we love!

More and more talent can be found today thanks to sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Artists use these sites to spread their love of music which we are lucky enough to take in. I’ve come across some amazing talents that have posted some kick ass covers of hit Bollywood tracks. Some videos are professional looking with live bands while others are just a voice and a guitar, either way it’s their talent shines through. Their unique twists to the song has us madly in love with the covers even more than the originals! Check out our list! (In no particular order)

1. The band Sanam’s cover of “Dua” featuring Sanah Moidutty is so beautiful! The acoustic version of the song has over 4 million views!


2. Little Lisa Mishra has a powerful voice and this packet of big talent has been posting her covers of hit Bollywood tracks on YouTube. Her recent one is from the recently released film ABCD 2 and she does a beautiful job with “Sun Saathiya!”


3. Sophia Akkara is a young singer from Switzerland and her 1 minute covers on Facebook will blow you away! This talented artist sings acapella creating the layers of beats all by herself! Check out her cover of the song “Ambarsariya.”


4. Brothers Sanam and Samar Puri of the band Sanam teamed up with Aakash Gandhi for this cover. Sanam Puri, Samar Puri, Aakash Gandhi and the lovely Jonita Gandhi create a magical cover of the hit song “Tum Hi Ho.” The original has become such a mega hit that it is hard to top,  but with over 7 million views, Aakash Gandhi’s video comes pretty damn close!


5. We can’t leave out Doctor by day and singer by night, Sam Hasan! He’s got an amazing vice that is so versatile. He has covers of both mainstream Hollywood and Bollywood tracks on his YouTube page and one of our favorites is his cover of “Sajde!”


6.  Jonita Gandhi and Aakash Gandhi have teamed up for quite a few amazing songs, besides their “Tum Hi Ho” cover we also love the cover they released of “Pani Da Rang.”


7. Musician Shankar Tucker has created some amazing collaborations and this cover of “Manmonhini Morey” originally from the Salman Khan film Yuvvraj is absolutely breath taking! The song features Aditya Rao on vocals and Ajay Ravichandran on Mridungam. All other instruments were performed and recorded by Shankar Tucker.


8. The lovely Shirley Setia is a talented singer on YouTube from New Zealand. She has released quite a number of covers. Although all her music is great, we really loved her cover of “Tu Hai Ki Nahi” which was originally sung by Ankit Tiwari, check it out!


9. Udit Shandilya is a young singer on YouTube who keeps it simple with just his voice and a guitar for his covers. His real talent shines! Check out Udit’s cover of “Hamari Adhuri Kahani.” 


10. American singer Neel and composer Arpit have teamed for some gorgeous covers and one of our all time favorite’s is the cover of “Meherbani.” Neel has one of the most soulful  voices that makes you want to keep on listening to him sing!


11. We have this amazing mashup of “DilliWaali Girlfriend” and “Tonight (I’m Lovin you)” by Penn Masala! This uber talented acapella group has given us some insanely brilliant covers, including an evolution of Bollywood! They have so many great covers it was hard picking one but we just went with their most recent one. Check it out!


12. Jankee is an amazing singer from India and her cover of “Tumse Hi” is brilliant! The soulful rendition in her unique voice is sure to give you goosebumps! Check it out!


13. Gaurav Dagaonkar is another artist on YouTube who creates some magical blends of eastern and western sounds by blending 2 songs, he calls it his “Synchronicity” series. It was hard to pick just one but we think his mash up of Enrique Iglesias’ “Hero” and “Be Intehan” is a beautiful cover. Check it out!


14. Natalie Di Luccio is an Italian-Canadian girl who sings in Hindi, sounds crazy right? But this trained opera singer was born and raised in Canada and once she started posting her Bollywood covers on YouTube Indian music makers went wild! Although she is now a professional playback singer and has sung tracks for films like English Vinglish, Chennai Express and Band Baja Baraat, I still wanted to include her in our covers list. Check out her mashup cover of “Khuda Jane” and “Wrecking Ball.”


15. Newbie Salem has dropped onto the scene with a mash up of the hit Bollywood track “Jeena Jeena” and “Wild Wild Love.” Check out this mash up by Salem and Maz K!


Of course there are tons more amazing artists on social media these days but these are 12 great covers that I came across. If I missed your favorite Bollywood cover let us know! Leave a comment with the link of your favorite Bollywood cover!