Posted on July 24, 2015 at 4:34 pm

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YouTube Sensation Lilly Singh releases the Teaser of her Documentary!

Lilly Singh, AKA: iiSuperwomanii has released a sneak peak of her documentary! The YouTube sensation has just completed her first world tour and has touched many hearts all across the world by taking fans and viewers to Unicorn Island.

She has made people laugh, cry, and understand the reality of simple every day things like the way we react to our parents doing something or the way we react when Taylor Swift drops a new song or simple things like body hair removal. She has connected with six-million people across the world, and counting, through this video platform on the internet and it is so amazing how far she has come.

Lilly has shared her world, her emotions, her life with us and is now sharing a deeper insight to her life through this documentary. Just by seeing the sneak peak has gotten me teary-eyed and I am sure it will make you feel the same.