Posted on July 5, 2015 at 4:16 am

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Young Students Throw Open Fashion Carnival!

The young and upcoming students of JD Institute of Fashion Technology came together to showcase their talent through a two-day fashion carnival as the JD Annual Design Awards started  July 1. The annual event promoted and celebrated the richness and diversity of India’s heritage.

The carnival will showcase creations designed by students of fashion, interior and jewelry design, all encompassing the prominent theme of ‘Pure’.

When asked about the this year’s theme, Executive Director, JD Institute of Fashion Technology, R.C. Dalal commented:

“This year, we want to demonstrate that fashion is not only a vehicle to promote cultural exchange but also it has the potential to be a lucrative venture that employs large number of people in the region. The textile and clothing industry can generate more jobs and make a substantive contribution to government revenues in India if more attention is given to it.”

The JD Annual Design Awards is one of the biggest platforms for students to not only demonstrate their creativity but also an opportunity to work with leading leading designers and potentially be recruited by India’s leading brands. Leading designers, Rohit Bal, Tarun Sheinh, and Ajay Mehra were present the opening day as Chief Guests.

When asked about the designs, Rohit Bal shared:

“Whether it was hand-knit yarn, layering of fabrics, or covered in zippers, prints, or hints of leather, everything was appealing to the eye and put together in the most beautiful way. I love getting inspiration for how to put pieces together, or how to mix and match different fabrics and prints to make an outfit truly my own.”

Check out a few photos from the event! We love the whimsical structures and fun use of colors!

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