Posted on July 1, 2015 at 1:44 am

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When Tisca Chopra trolled Sunny Deol!

Tisca Chopra who is currently shooting for Ghayal Returns with Sunny Deol seems to share a rather respectful relationship with the star. A source shares that everyone on the sets of the film speaks in Punjabi. And it was during the break when some of the crew were talking to Sunny in Punjabi saying how the new generations have no respect for anyone.

Tisca Chopra

The insider says,

“To prove them wrong, Tisca went up to Sunny Sir and did pairi pona (touching feet to seek blessings), to which Sunny just laughed aloud.”

When asked, Tisca says, “Yes, it was no big deal. I went and did a pairi pauna and even Sunny very sportingly did an elaborate blessing saying ‘Jinda re’. So after that it just sort of became a joke between us and I would say a ‘PP’ to him, each time we met. And though Sunny is one of the simplest people I’ve met, he comes across as a rather serious guy on sets. So, it was really sweet of him to be such a sport.”