Posted on July 30, 2015 at 11:04 pm

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Tweet Moment: Freida Pinto responds to Hrithik Roshan’s praise!

When a dancing icon like Hrithik Roshan praises someone’s dancing abilities and performance, there is no way that it’s anything less than spectacular. Such was what we now believe was Freida Pinto’s brilliance in her last release Desert Dancer where she plays a dance performer who’s the inspiration for the character of Afshin Ghaffarian. The film is based on his life story set at the time when dance and music was banned in Iran.

Hrithik Roshan seemed spellbound by her performance in Desert Dancer and sang her praises on a popular social networking site. Freida was very humbled by his kind gesture and shares her response here since she’s not very active on social media.

Says Pinto,

“Gosh why would i ignore him? We’ve had a lovely email exchange. I did miss his call because I was travelling but it’s very kind and humble of him to make sure his congratulatory note reached me. In fact, it was some of his fans and followers who are my friends who urged me to read his tweet. I’m very thankful to him especially since dance and respect for this art form is an inherent part of who he is. He has inspired me to continue pursuing expression through movement in my career.”

Now only if we could just see these two amazing actors on screen one day that would be a film to watch!