Posted on July 22, 2015 at 4:20 pm

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The Tum Hi Ho Wedding Couple Responds to their Viral Video!

Last Wednesday we posted an article on Frank and Simran, as the newly wed couple had a very memorable wedding reception and all of us across the world became apart of it somehow!

The couple has felt very overwhelmed from the amount of love the media and viewers have given.


Frank and Simran have shared a little bit about themselves. They both meet people in various types of situations. Frank is a critical care doctor and Simran is a Palliative Care-Hospice doctor (end of life care). They do not just help treat people, but care for them as they transition to the end of their lives.

The couple has learned through their jobs, in the face of death it is important to respect love when it is around. And because of this here is what they have to say in response to their video going viral.

We want to personally thank you, the media, for sharing our story with the world. It is truly a blessing and an honor to receive the blessings of people worldwide as we commence our new life together. For this, we made a small video for you to share.

Here is the video they have shared with us!

The couple adds,

Based on what we see in our daily work lives, we encourage all of you to express your love when you have the chance, don’t put it off. Say the words “I love you”, “thank you”, “please forgive me” and “I forgive you” because you never know when you simply won’t get the chance to say what you could have said today.

Where some of us get lost in movies in hope of our prince charming or princess to come along, Frank and Simran believe that love does exist. Love is not a fairy tale made for the movies.

There is an infectious feeling when we have love. It is pure and organic. Love makes us laugh and sometimes causes us to cry. We go above and beyond to do silly things for love, such as singing a song in front of 150 people in a whole different language at a small wedding, hoping no one else in that room will ever see it, right? Sometimes though, love trolls us by sharing that moment with four-million people around the world!

And sometimes, when we don’t fight it, love is exactly what the doctor ordered.


Frank and Simran have a challenge for the world! They want those four-million, or more people to make headline new story of love and spread positivity! It’s time to let love take over the hate, war, crime and negativity displayed in the world every single day. These are just two regular asking other regular people to help create a new movement and spread a whole new vibe! Yes it’s a challenge, but everyone deserves to be loved, needs love and wants love! So let’s take their challenge and show the world what we have!

Here are the guidelines to follow for the challenge!


1. Record a video or selfie showing your expression of love! Get creative and dedicate it to someone special!

2. Tag @justdoingitca and hashtag #ShareYourLove

3. Challenge three other friends to do the same!

Your dedicated expression of love can be fore a loved one, a complete stranger, or event for someone who is no longer with us. Frank expressed himself through a song, but you can come up with your own way to express yourself!

However you decide to express your feelings, be as creative as your can and let’s begin to spread a positive movement! Together we can create a whole new vibe in the world and start-up something new. Think about it, this small gesture may help make this world a better place for future generations!

Frank and Simran’s mission is to remind everyone that it is the little thing sin life that we must cherish and not shy away from expressing our love while we still have the chance to do so.

We were trying to get over all the excitement of our wedding when all of this started. We are so humbled by all the love and blessings that have been showered on us this week. Please take part in this challenge, not for us, but to prove that love exists.

You can connect with Frank and Simran on twitter at @JustDoingItCA and you can subscribe to their YouTube Channel too! They will try to comment and respond to everyone’s videos and post involving this new movement!