Posted on July 9, 2015 at 11:11 am

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Stop Kerela from becoming the next Yulin!

At recent, people from all around the world came together to in a much needed opposition against the Chinese Dog Eating Yulin Festival where thousands of dogs are brutally murdered and eaten for sheer human joy. India also joined the world in attempt to stop this heinous act from happening but as they say when you point one finger, four point right back at you.


While citizens of India were busy defending dogs in China, animals in their own nation were being abused. VJ, host and vlogger Pankhuri Awasthi in her latest YouTube video speaks of the horrors happening in our own backyard. In Nagaland and Kerala, tons of cats, dogs and other animals are annually killed off, consumed and furthermore sent off for animal sex trade! Check out this video and share your thoughts with us!